Bob & Jane Meet 365 Give

Bob & Jane Meet 365 Give

There are a few ways to give in the world.

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Well, maybe more than a few.

I met Jacqueline a while back but through a Craigslist add.  She needed help to build her very own not-for-profit website aimed at identifying all the many ways a person can contribute to worldly well-being whether they are rich, poor, have lots of spare time or are seemingly too busy for anything.  Not only is Jacqueline interested in new ways of giving but she is invested in the value of recognizing how we contribute to the world in ways we may not even be aware of.  We’ve helped each other for close to a year now sharing information, having fun discussions and sparking new creativity.

We were discussing how a simple lifestyle choice can by a way of giving in and of itself.  As you may be aware already, I have recently developed a fantastic new natural deodorant spray that people are enjoying very much.  Jacqueline is one of those people, so she wanted to help me promote it.  Check it out if you like but more importantly, have a look around her site and see what she’s up to.  I found it opened up a whole new perspective for me on what “giving” can really be.

Her site is and today she’s featuring an interview with me about my new Bob & Jane Unisex Spray Deodorant.

Changing the world & trusting your body by making healthy choices – that’s one way to give.

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