Lucas Gaudette | Drawing: Haleigh Sword Banner
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Drawing: Haleigh Sword Banner


24 May Drawing: Haleigh Sword Banner

Drawing: Haleigh Sword Banner: HALEIGH SWORD BANNER | Lucas Gaudette | Artwork | Design | Philosophy

Haleigh – Sword Banner
(click for full-size) 

This is my latest for my favourite long time client Allie.   Haleigh is one of the characters she plays in online role playing games.   The fun part about this commission was figuring out how to fit both the sword and Haleigh in this narrow space in a way that was flattering to both.  Here’s what I came up with.  You can see close-ups and other drawings here.

Drawing: Haleigh Sword Banner: OE LOGO 70px | Lucas Gaudette | Artwork | Design | Philosophy