The Cheeky Oracle

Pick a card to either inspire you today or look deeper into a subject in your life…decide before you shuffle what subject or inspiration the card will represent for you.The card revealed becomes a response or a suggestion regarding the subject you chose. It will offer you a fresh perspective which could either challenge or confirm your own thoughts. You can do this for other people as well, it’s a lot of fun. It can also be a fantastic conversation starter between two people or even a group! For a more detailed experience, you can employ more cards, deciding in advance which ones will represent which subjects or inspirations.

This deck has seen many revisions since its first version in 2007. I’ve sold a number of physical decks handmade and through on-demand printing solutions. These days however, it’s hard to find an online printing solution that will print my images as they’re considered too provocative.

Instead I’m providing you the opportunity to use them right here from the convenience of your phone or PC.

Tap once to see your card, tap again to pick a new one! >>

The Cheeky Oracle: Design, drawings and writings by Lucas Gaudette

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