Pidgin Quixote


A joint creation by myself and my good friend Tone Floreal

The idea of Pidgin Quixote was inspired by a special pigeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. This bird had a unique style of approaching the females; he was very careful and patient, choosing the right moments to inch closer to a female beside him on a branch. Unlike common pigeons, he didn’t puff out his chest or chase her around, he simply gauged the situation and approached warmly and honestly which in the end landed him the lady! We have since drawn inspiration from this bird using him as a healthy reference point for authentic living. He is a constant reminder to take charge and live bravely in our own individual styles.

I make the designs and Tone and I come up with the pidgin pun ideas. Since then we’ve produced over 130 pidgins.  More recently, I decided to take the bird to a new level by making an oracle card (like tarot cards) deck inspired by the pidgin images and ideas. I fleshed them out more with short paragraphs containing advice and inspirational thoughts from da pidge.

Pidgin Quixote has his own website. There you can find ALL of the pidgins as well as a playable online PeckDeck oracle game.

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